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Membership to Bluesky gives the reader full access to the entire site. Bluesky offers extensive free tutorials on lighting theory, technique, the photographic business and more. The specific Image Tutorials are for members only and offer the following advantages for those studying studio and location photography.

  • Learn lighting theory and technique in a highly applied manner.
  • The Image Tutorials cover many lighting & production techniques that are unable to be covered in the theory tutorials. Each image is a whole new ballgame.
  • The Image Tutorials also cover topics such as the ideation & creative process, propping, location scouting, and casting.
  • Things don’t always go right! These tutorials teach you how to use lighting theory and production techniques to problem solve on the fly without compromising your shot.
  • These tutorials teach you how to produce some incredibly complex shots. Each of which is broken down step-by-step so you can understand every stage of the production. Not sure of a step? Membership allows you to post questions on the tutorials.
  • You will learn and see the results of using different types of lights, modifiers, and lighting techniques.
  • While anyone can comment on the blog, only members are allowed to comment on the tutorials – this allows you to ask questions, make points, share experiences, and feel free to disagree with my opinions!
  • Gives you access to the entire site, including all past and future members only tutorials and videos.


Terms & Conditions

  • Bluesky will NOT share or sell ANY of your information with ANY 3rd party under ANY circumstances.
  • Payments are processed solely through PayPal to ensure the highest security for your credit card information.
  • Unless specifically stated otherwise, all images, written content and video content on Bluesky is copyright to Greg Blue Photography. No information, imagery or video content may be copied, published or shared in any manner without express written consent from Greg Blue Photography.
  • Memberships are on an annual basis only, and may be cancelled at any time. At the end of a 1-year membership, individual members will be notified via email that their membership is about to expire. If the member wishes to extend their membership, they do not need to do anything and membership will automatically extend. If they wish to cancel their membership, they simply need to click the “discontinue membership” button and their membership will not be extended.
  • Once membership has been activated, the $49 fee for that year is non-refundable.


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