Part flesh, part wax and some incredible scenery

About this tutorial

The 1st Guitarist image is a composite of 4 different images: 1) the 1st Nation’s figure, which is a wax figure; 2) the guitar and arms, which were shot in studio; 3) the cigarette, which was also shot in studio; and 4) the background, which was shot in Utah.

  Topics covered in this tutorial:  
  • Shooting to match light quality for an image that will be composited with another image.
  • The strategy behind creating a composite with two image (wax figure and background) that do not have matching light quality.
  • Using Photoshop’s Refine Mask Palette to isolate and composite images.
  • Using Photoshop’s Warp capabilities to reshape image elements that are not quite fitting perfectly.
  • Tonal adjustments in Photoshop.
  • Converting the image to emulate a B&W fibre based print.
  • Legal and ethical issues regarding how this image can or cannot be used.
All images, video and written content of this tutorial © Greg Blue Photography. Images, video and written content may not be used, copied or republished in any way without the express written permission of Greg Blue Photography.


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