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About this tutorial

Car shoots are always a fantastic challenge – especially when you shoot in studio where you have to create the lighting from scratch. Truth be told, a lot of the car shots you see in advertisements now are actually CGI (Computer Generated Images), but when you do see an actual photograph, such as this, it is very common to shoot the car as a composite because of the control it gives you over the light quality and contrast. This image was lit in a fairly conventional way, using strobes, soft boxes and very large butterfly scrims.

Topics covered in this tutorial:
  • Lighting large, highly reflective objects.
  • Sculpting light with 20X20 foot butterfly scrims.
  • Using soft boxes to modify your modifiers.
  • Lighting an image using reflected light.
  • Lighting cars section by section and how to plan ahead.
  • Masking techniques in Photoshop.
  • Refining & retouching highly reflective subjects.
  • Creating backgrounds in Photoshop.
  • Layer blending modes in Photoshop.
  • Refining contrast in Photoshop.
  • Marking up images for final retouching.
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