Still life concept based on evolution

About this tutorial

This image was originally shot with stock photography in mind, but was rejected as the stock agency felt it was just too demonic looking – which surprised me because you know, babies and everything… There is absolutely no Photoshop involved with this image - it was shot with an 8X10 view camera on film, and was created entirely in-camera. This image could absolutely be produced on a DSLR camera. Topics covered in this tutorial:
  • Methods of conceptualizing images.
  • Creating composite images in-camera without using Photoshop.
  • Painting with light.
  • Creating rapid light fall-off through painting with light
  • Back lighting sandwiched backgrounds.
  • Protecting your background when creating composites in-camera.
  • Using comparative ratios to determine background tones.
  • Methods of using long “bulb” exposures to create in-camera composites.
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