Inspired by one of my favourite movies

About this tutorial

This image goes way back – the date on my files reads September 1986. I would have been 24 years old, and trying my best to understand lighting when this image was taken. It is one of the VERY few images I shot back then that I still feel fond about. The image was designed as an exercise in using shadows as an integral part of the image – where the shadow is in the foreground rather than being used only to show form or being demoted to a background element. It came about when my mentor looked at my work, gave me a half sympathetic, half appalled look and said, “Go learn to do something useful with your shadows.” (That story is probably a lie, but no matter, it’s exactly the kind of thing he’d have said). Topics covered in this tutorial:
  • Shooting with B&W infrared film
  • Set construction to create a false perspective
  • Using flags to shape shadow edges
  • Using modified base exposures
  • Light quality
  • Shooting on a large format view camera
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