Not a Trace of Buffalo In It :(

About this tutorial

This shot is very advanced and is not recommended for people who have issues with patience – luckily you have a tasty product to reward yourself with once the shot is complete! It is not uncommon at all in modern product photography to light your product in small pieces and then composite the final image together in post. That’s exactly what was done with this shot – the lighting in this image would not be possible to shoot conventionally in a single image.

Topics covered in this tutorial:
  • Using complex composites to produce a highly stylized product shot.
  • Creating very controlled liquid glows in liquor bottles.
  • Custom made modifiers for lighting products.
  • Trouble shooting when photographing liquor bottles.
  • Using scrims to create highly sculptured specular highlights.
  • Working with base exposures.
  • Using projected light to create an ambience.
  • Back lighting paper for backgrounds.
  • Planning your lighting ahead to create an effective composite.
  • Using masking in Photoshop to combine complex composites.
  • Using Layer Blending Modes to simplify the composite process.
  • Making sure you do not retouch an image to perfection – keep it real.
  • Methods for using vignettes to help draw the viewer’s eye.
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