Where there's smoke, there's trickery

About this tutorial

I’ve been asked a number of times by students about shooting someone smoking, when so many locations now restrict smokers (including the studios at Langara College). I decided it’s time to do a tutorial on someone smoking where they’re not supposed to! You could easily use one of the many Photoshop brushes out there to create smoke, but this tutorial is aimed at the type of photographer who likes to do everything from scratch. Since this would be a shot of a guy framed by a smoke ring he just blew, I decided to shoot with an under-produced, gritty feel to the image (that includes the subject, location and lighting)!   Topics covered in this tutorial:  
  • Lighting on location
  • Using plate shots as an aide to compositing
  • Light fall-off
  • Using base exposures
  • How to light smoke
  • Using dry ice to create smoke rings
  • Photoshop masking and compositing
  • Burning & dodging techniques in Photoshop
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