This was a nice town... till the Gemsbok came

About this tutorial

This tutorial looks at a composite image that was shot in a couple of different locations – the Gemsboks were shot in New York and the rest of the image was shot in Vancouver. It was an unusual scenario and a bit challenging as I could not really light any aspect of the image – I simply had to wait for the conditions to be right. As for the concept, it was one of those spontaneous things – when I reviewed the Gemsbok image I shot, the concept kind of fell into place.

Topics covered in this tutorial:
  • Letting your imagination explore abstract concepts.
  • Matching light on images destined for a composite.
  • Compositing techniques in Photoshop.
  • Using details to prevent the composite from looking “Photoshopped.”
  • Stylistic issues.
  • Legal & ethical considerations for this image.
All images, video and written content of this tutorial © Greg Blue Photography. Images, video and written content may not be used, copied or republished in any way without the express written permission of Greg Blue Photography.


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