Metallic Portrait

About this tutorial

This tutorial explores how to use lighting tones to show form as well as style and mood. Metallic make-up was used on the model’s skin in order to make it more reflective so that specular highlights would play a role on all parts of the model’s body. Although the shot has a fashion flair to it, I wanted to let the image fit in the portrait realm as well by allowing her hair to remain un-styled and by using a less obvious pose. So what’s with the Raven’s skull? I simply needed something white and largely non-reflective.

Topics covered in this tutorial:
  • Using metallic make-up to create specular highlights on skin.
  • Working with gridded beauty dishes to create rapid fall-off.
  • Using reflectors to create subtle accent lighting.
  • Placing your lighting tones to maximize contrast.
  • Back lighting fabric backgrounds.
  • Using comparative ratios to fine-tune background tones.
  • Retouching highly texturized skin.
  • Retouching eyes.
  • Black & White conversion.
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