A study in shadow edges

About this tutorial

This image was shot specifically to illustrate how flags and gobos can be used to manipulate the quality of shadow edges. Shadows can, and should play important roles in an image, but that means understanding how to sculpt and shape them. There’s no real concept behind this image, but I also decided to have some fun by shooting a liquid flow using cream in water and doing a composite image with the lid on the carafe. This tutorial also spends some time talking about why I shoot so many of my still life images as composites, rather than shooting the image as one exposure in-camera.   Topics covered in this tutorial:  
  • Using gobos to shape your shadow edges.
  • Shooting liquid flows.
  • Mixing strobe and tungsten lighting.
  • Lighting for specular highlights.
  • Thoughts on digital composites.
  • Using Base exposures.
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