Yes, That's a snot bubble.

About this tutorial

The purpose of this tutorial is to show some of the lighting and post-production techniques used by Jill Greenberg in her commercial portraits. If you’re not familiar with Ms. Greenberg’s work, her website is here – it’s well worth spending time on her site if you’re not familiar with her work, as it’s pretty superb! The image you see above uses a very similar lighting set-up to what Greenberg uses in her work, but it does not use the post-production technique she is famous for, as I felt the image was too busy for that technique. However, I do apply Greenberg’s post-production technique to the image further in the tutorial so that you can see the process and the effect. This shot was tons of fun to work on, and the biggest challenge by far was the snot bubble – we had pre-production meetings specifically about the snot bubble. The model for the shot was Stephanie Elgersma, who is both an actress and a comedienne – which was very helpful as the subject’s facial expression was critical in this shoot. Alecia Repp did the destruction work on both the hair and make-up and worked carefully with us on pulling off the snot bubble. Topics covered in this tutorial:  
  • Multi-light portrait set ups
  • Using accent and kicker lights
  • Using ring lights for base exposures
  • Using Inverse Square Law and light fall-off to create back bursts
  • Making your very own snot bubble!
  • Using Photoshop for smoothing skin tones
  • Using Photoshop’s Liquify filter to subtly adjust facial expressions
  • Selective contrast control in Photoshop
  • Jill Greenberg’s method of shaping highlights, shadows & contrast
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