It doesn't get anymore important than this.

About this tutorial

This is a fairly short tutorial as the lighting is wonderfully simple and straightforward! I get asked a lot about this image, which is not really surprising – as this is a portrait of my parents, it is extremely important to me. But I am surprised how often I get asked about the lighting and production – I think I tend to forget that “traditional” approaches are a little out of the ordinary in the current market! These portraits were as traditional as they get, being shot on B&W film with a large format view camera and hand printed in the darkroom on fibre based paper.

Topics covered in this tutorial:
  • Philosophy toward capturing portraits.
  • Working with beauty dishes.
  • Back lit fabric backgrounds.
  • Light fall-off.
  • Shadow contrast.
  • Using comparative ratios to set the size and tone of the background.
  • B&W Printing and archival processing
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