Introduction - Content Is King!

About this tutorial

This series of tutorials explore Marketing for Photographers from two different angles:

1) Your content (photography) in relation to your goals. This is way more important than social media, your website, your marketing tools, etc. This topic addresses the all-important question of “who do you want to work with and do you have the body of work, philosophy, opinions and background to convince them to hire you?” This is the question that should encourage you to have lofty goals!

2) The tools and techniques that you use to deliver the above message. How you use these tools are critical – more than once I have seen photographers spend time and money on marketing in a way that works against their goals and content. We’re bombarded by messages from social media platforms about how to use these tools to reach an audience, and the advice is typically very good! But it rarely addresses the issue of what kind of work are you showing and does it fit with your objectives?

These tutorials will force you to explore some difficult and uncomfortable questions – is your work up to snuff? Is your work relevant to your client’s needs? What do you need to develop to attract the clients you want? Photographers are understandably very sensitive about the quality and relevance of their work. But with photography becoming more accessible than ever, there are many new photographers out there trying to market themselves when they are not yet ready.

And that’s not the end of the world – when I was new, I started to market myself before I was ready. Almost every photographer I knew made the same mistake – and we often discovered clients who were very sympathetic to new talent and gave us all tons of advice. They just didn’t hire us. They weren’t stupid. The point is, we all have to start at the beginning – you will absolutely make mistakes along the way, those mistakes will almost never be fatal, and you will learn a ton from them.

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