The Road Map - Part 1

About this tutorial

The Roadmap exercise not only lays the foundation for how you market yourself, it will be an invaluable tool in helping you to develop your portfolios, decide what you are going to shoot, and how you are going to shoot it.

It is NOT a one-time exercise – I perform a new roadmap exercise on my business at least once per year, sometimes more if necessary. Many people look at the Roadmap as being a way to present yourself to your chosen market – such as commercial photographic clients or wedding photography clients, and that is a legitimate approach. But you can also develop a roadmap for going after a single client (I have done so numerous times). Sometimes a prospective (or existing) client is so important that you will develop an entirely new portfolio and strategy to approach them alone – commercial clients love that!

The Roadmap exercise is just as valuable for new photographers as it is for veterans. The first step in this process is to look inward – what sort of work do you do, how would you define your approach to photography, your philosophy and how you would like to be perceived? I know that for many of you your photographic goals are something that are already intimately familiar but trust me – you need to look inward.

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