Once Upon A Midnight Dreary

About this tutorial

This shot was originally planned as an ode to Poe that included a hand written version of his poem, The Raven in the background of the image. However, after doing a first test, I felt the writing on the background of the image made the shot too busy, so I ended up simplifying the shot. This image used both painting with light and projected and is the type of image that I will typically shoot completely in-camera, but there were a couple of issues that made me decide to shoot the image as a composite instead.

Topics covered in this tutorial:
  • Painting with light.
  • Projected light.
  • Creating the necessary contrast & lighting options when shooting a composite image.
  • Base exposures.
  • Using layer masks in Photoshop to create composites.
  • Using blend modes in Photoshop.
  • Selective colour and converting images to B&W.
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