ProTool's 1st Iteration

About this tutorial

This is exactly how I like to picture George Gershwin writing Rhapsody In Blue. I can't take credit for the concept of this shot, just the execution. This image is a derivative artwork that is based on a wonderful illustration created by the superbly talented Matt Leyen. When I saw the illustration, I was immediately intrigued to see how that would translate into an actual photograph – which meant creating a very carefully crafted composite image. Because there was some careful planning put into the shot before I started production, both the lighting and the digital post-production ended up being fairly simple.

Topics covered in this tutorial:
  • How to plan and execute a complex composite image.
  • Lighting a composite in order to give you the most options.
  • Production techniques for composites.
  • Propping
  • Digital compositing.
  • Derivative artworks – legal and ethical issues.
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