Always the photographer, never the bride

About this tutorial

Ah, who am I kidding? I never seem to get hired for wedding shoots. I created this image to illustrate how you can use light fall-off to add lots of drama to your lighting. It was also designed to be a wonderfully simple in-camera shot with minimal post-production work. However, I made a couple of unforgivable errors that luckily didn’t kill the shot. Those errors turned this shot from a simple in-camera shoot, to a much more complex composite much to my chagrin.


So why do a tutorial on a shoot that I damn near ruined? Because as the cliché says “you learn more from your mistakes than your successes.” The least I can do is let you capitalize on my pain in the hopes that it does not become your pain. Don’t get me wrong – I am very happy with the way the shot turned out. Working with model Ava Vanderstarren and make-up artist Alecia Repp was an absolute pleasure and a ton of fun, and it was largely their talent that pulled this shot through!

  Topics covered in this tutorial:  
  • Inverse square law and using light fall-off
  • How to problem solve when Plan A goes south
  • What to do when Plan B tanks
  • How to be grateful when Plan C narrowly misses biting you in the ass
  • Modifying your modifiers
  • Using base exposures rather than fill
  • Accent lighting
  • Compositing methods
  • Colour & Contrast control for blending composites
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